Welcome Aboard Captain!

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Human space has been invaded, the Concordiat is under attack! All of our fleets have been wiped out. You are our last hope! With your handpicked crew and a patched up ship it's up to you to drive the enemy forces back and save civilization from extinction. The enemy is ruthless and has been destroying planets and any defenses they can find. Take the war to the enemy and help build a new Concordiat to unite humanity!


Getting Started

 Starting out as an ensign, there will be a lot of action as you are immersed into a do-or-die situation.  Human Space is divided into many sectors.  Within each sector is a quadrant.   In each quadrant there might be enemy, planets, stars and a star base or two.  Get your shields up, select some photon torpedoes and take the war to the enemy, show them that the Federation is no pushover.


Scouting the Sector

 Scroll on the map and touch to use your impulse engines to move short distances.   To travel to farther sectors, bring up your Star Chart.  Select a Quadrant and Engage Warp!  The Star Chart will display the location of your Starbases.  They will show red if they are under attack, green if all is clear.


R&R at your local Starbase

 When your energy runs low, your shields stop working or you have damage to repair, head to your local Star base.   There you can enjoy some R&R while your ship gets sorted out.


Mine DiIithium Crystals

 As you drive your enemy back, they will become relentless at trying to stop your progress.  You will be rewarded with dilithium crystals for your victories.   Mine crystals from local planets.   Use these crystals to upgrade your ship.  You can also purchase crystals to speed up your ship upgrades.


Weapon of Last Resort - the Death Ray

  When it's time to take out a bunch of the enemy, and things aren't looking too good, its time for the death ray.  Roll the dice as you either destroy everything within the quadrant or perform a gallant act of self immolation!


When all else fails ... Call for Help

 Your ship is floating scrap, your crew is mostly dead... It's time... to ... Call for Help!   get ready for some friendly support, your enemies are in for a bumpy ride...


Good Hunting out there!

It's a cold and hard universe.  Balance your attacks with recovery at star bases and you will progress.   Don't forget the enemy has a few tricks up their sleeves that they won't hesitate to use. Oh, and watch out for black holes and supernovas!


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